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Asthma Treatment in New Jersey

Asthma in New Jersey continues to be the most common respiratory condition in both children and adults. Fortunately treatment options are many and control of asthma symptoms is very achievable. Today’s medications are both safe and easy to take. When used properly, these medications make wheezing and breathing difficulty a thing of the past.

Spirometry is performed in the office and is useful in determining the pulmonary status of each patient.  It also allows us to determine the patients’ response to medication. 

We manage thousands of New Jersey asthma patients with moderate to severe asthma and with our involvement emergency room visits and hospitalizations are only rarely required. When you visit our New Jersey asthma center, we will take a detailed medical history, perform pulmonary function tests and skin test for allergies to determine possible asthma triggers. With proper treatment and adherence to your personal asthma regime, a healthier lifestyle is an office visit away.