On your first visit the doctor will review your history, focusing on whatever your main concerns are. This is followed by a detailed physical examination and diagnostic testing which allows the doctor to make a correct diagnosis.

Generally skin testing for allergies is done on the first visit but sometimes RAST tests are ordered (blood) depending on the nature of the problem. Skin testing consists of pricking the skin and is not painful (but can itch!).

Pulmonary function testing is also usually done as allergic patients generally have respiratory issues. The visit typically lasts about 45 minutes and the patient generally leaves with several prescriptions which greatly lessen his/her allergic symptoms.


Antihistamines must be discontinued prior to skin testing

Please discontinue for 72 hours prior to the visit. Decongestants without antihistamines may be taken.

If you have any questions about antihistamines in your medication, please check with your pharmacist or you may call our office for guidance.


What to bring for your initial visit:

  • Completed new patient forms packet.
  • Your current insurance card.
  • Physician referral forms (if required by your carrier).
  • Recent x-rays, CT scans or relevant records.